Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Forex Wonder Reviews

Are you wondering about how The Forex Wonder robot works? I knew that the concept of this trading software really seems too good to be true. In reality, there are more and more of such automated trading robots called Expert Advisors being sold on the Internet, but most of them are simply useless according to my test results. Does it really deliver the profit result in real life as shown on the main website, or is The Forex Wonder just another scam?

1. What Makes The Forex Wonder Different From the Many Forex Trading Robots on the Internet?

This software has been proven to be able to generate more than 93% profitable trades amongst all the trades it has executed. Overall, I have found that the internal trading system of this robot really does work to generate profits regardless of whether the markets are trending up or down or going sideways.

There are also clearly written step-by-step instructions provided in the PDF guide that teaches you how to download, install and attach the robot to the MT4 platform. Even complete computer novices have been able to set this up and get it working to make money for them automatically.

2. Experience with Using The Forex Wonder Software

With this trading robot, I can leave it to do all the tedious chart and technical analysis for me after I have attached it to the currency pair charts. Even though it may lose trades and end some days with losses, it has always managed to generate a profit in the long term without me having to monitor its activities constantly. It changes its trading strategies frequently to adapt to the market conditions of various currency pairs.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Does Forex Vengeance Really Create Huge Profits?

Forex Vengeance is an automated Forex trading robot created by Steven Lee Jones, a big Forex trader. The Forex Vengeance website, like all Forex product websites, makes big claims about the potential of their system. I always take the claims with a grain of salt, and wait until I have personally tested the product to see if it really works.

I was actually pretty new to the Forex market, and Forex trading before I tried out Forex Vengeance. To me, the product was appealing because it does most of the thinking for you: it's supposed to make profitable trades on autopilot.

Actually ordering the product was an easy process, and I downloaded it right away...I don't like to wait for things! The Forex Vengeance software plugs-in to the Forex trading software, in order for it to make trades. Installing Forex Vengeance was actually pretty easy (it's explained in the manual).

I started doing some tests to get comfortable with the software right away. It's always smart to test it out first! Especially for me, someone who was fairly new to Forex.

How did my first tests go?

They were actually better than I thought they would be. I didn't really know what I was doing at first, but I still had winning trades about 50% of the time. Actually my first test made a profit of $287.20. Not thousands of dollars, but not bad for my first test! After that, I had a few losses. At this point, I was still getting used to the system.

As I started getting more comfortable with Forex Vengeance, I started making profitable trades much more consistently, and the profits were much higher. Very soon after I started testing, I made a profit of over $30,000. That was my best trade for while, but I was also made profits of $9,943.30, $10,786.10, and $14,318.60.

Now that I knew what I was doing a little more, I was making great trades. Here are some more trades that I made:

$45,111.60 profit in 75 days
$2,210.00 in 1 day
$13,157.20 in 2.5 months
$4,983.00 in 1 day
$9,276.40 in 20 days
$6,226.80 in 3 days
$9,261.00 in 4 days
$23,850.70 in 108 days
$10,221.80 in 1 week

These tests were done on many different currency pairs. One thing to note is that all of my trades were not profitable. It's pretty much impossible to make 100% profitable trades all the time, for an automated system or not. Although there were some losses, I was surprised that the losses were limited and small. The profits were big, but the losses, when they happened, were small.

One thing that you should be aware of is that if you're new to Forex, you can still use Forex Vengeance, but you should do some reading about it before you start. I was new, and I was a little confused at first. The manual only covers how to install and use the Forex Vengeance software. If you need to learn about the Forex market, I suggest just searching on Google for terms you don't know or just the Forex market in general.

Forex Vengeance proved to me that it actually does make profitable trades, and that the profits are sometimes huge. I suggest to play around with it at first to understand what you're doing and get to know the system. Then, you can really make some great trades.